Family Law


Prenuptial Agreements (or "prenups") can be tricky. California has special rules and regulations pertaining to premarital agreements and anything other than strict executions by an attorney can render an agreement invalid. If you and your partner are considering a prenuptial agreement, consider having it drawn up by an attorney. 


Divorce can be painful, emotionally devastating and worse it can ruin you financially. The right divorce lawyer can make all the difference. We can take what could be a long, drawn out process and streamline it to make an easier transition for both husband and wife. 

If you are considering a divorce or currently in the process of separating, call Michael A. Salorio today for a free consultation and to learn how we can help you through your separation.


Child Support is an agreement to pay the primary parent part or all of the child's expenses. These can include clothing, educational expenses, medical costs and general living expenses. Child support is to be used for direct support of the child, though benefits may indirectly affect others, such as the heating of the child's main residence. 

Child support calculations are based on many factors, they can be disputed and both the primary parent and secondary parent have rights regarding these issues. Child custody is treated and enforced separately, though conditions may be set at the same hearing. If you are having trouble with child support or child custody a qualified family law attorney can help.


Spousal support (alimony) is calculated and the conditions are set separately from child support and child custody. Spousal support is intended to provide financial support for a spouse accustomed to a particular lifestyle provided by marriage. It may come in the form of monthly payments like child support, or it can come as a one-time payment following the separation. Spousal support can be tricky; there are numerous rules and regulations that need to be followed while setting conditions. Verbal agreements can leave you high and dry. Be sure you speak to a qualified family lawyer before agreeing to anything or setting the conditions of your spousal support agreement.